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州内 罗德岛诉壳牌石油产品有限公司诉L.L.C.等。,第19-1818号(2020年1月1日)决定 2020年10月29日, 的 First Circuit joined seven sister circuits in holding that 的 scope of appellate review of remand 订购s under 28 U.S.C. § 1447(d) is limited to 的 questions of federal-officer jurisdiction 和 civil rights jurisdiction. And while 的 holding does not break new ground in light of its consistency, it informs members of industry of 的 venue in which 的y will litigate climate change claims based in tort 和 state law providing environmental rights.

被告的基础’吸引人的是罗德岛州’关于石油行业成员知道化石燃料对环境的影响并继续误导市场和销售这些产品的指控。罗德岛州(Rhode Island)向州法院提起诉讼,要求被告通过各种州法律主张,包括公众滋扰,侵入和产品责任理论,要求赔偿被告,理由是据称气候变化后果包括海岸线侵蚀增加和风暴潮造成的破坏。 被告将案件移交给联邦法院,罗德岛州提出反对,地方法院将案件退还给州法院。   The Defendants 的n appealed 的 District Court’s grant of remand. 

Section 1447(d) of Title 28 of 的 United States Code 提供,

An 订购 remanding a case to 的 State court 从中删除它的日期不可审查 appeal or otherwise, except that an 订购 remanding a case to 的 State court from which 根据第1442条将其删除,或 该标题的1443应由 appeal or otherwise.

Central to 的 Defendants’ argument was that 的 scope of 28 U.S.C. § 1447(d) should be interpreted broadly so as to construe 的 word “order” in 的 secondary phrase to grant 的 Court jurisdiction to review 的 entire 订购 if removal was based on section 1442 (which pertains to claims against federal officers) or 1443 (which pertains to civil rights cases) other grounds. The 第一回路, however, rejected this argument in favor of 的 reasoning that §1447(d) serves as a general prohibition on 的 appellate review of remand 订购s with two limited exceptions. Those narrow exceptions being questions of federal-officer jurisdiction 和 civil rights jurisdiction.


While, again, this case does not represent a departure from well established case-law, 的 opinion serves to inform future climate change litigation.