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在2012年 新泽西州开发人员验证码v。马坎图内,428 N.J. Super。新泽西州上诉法院第546条(2012年,附录)裁定,一名被动土地所有者在《新泽西州溢油和赔偿法》(“Spill Act”) was a liable party under the Act even if the owner did not contribute to the contamination, unless it could meet the 溢油法’s definition of an “innocent purchaser.”  This decision gave rise to an entirely new wave of litigation against landowners who, previously, were not thought to be PRPs under the 溢油法. 然而,上周,新泽西州高等法院上诉庭确认了高等法院的一项裁定,认为被动房东是 liable party under the 溢油法, application of the equitable principles of allocation may result in a finding that such a landlord is nevertheless 0% responsible  修复费用。  读 More »

在本周的情况下 Smith诉ConocoPhillips管道公司,No.14-2191(8th Cir。  Sept. 15, 2015), 第八巡回法院推翻了地方法院’向某人授予证书 此类阶级由财产所有人组成,他们声称对邻近财产的污染及其对财产蔓延的担心是一件令人讨厌的事。 第八巡回法院认为,原告没有提供证据证明 他们自己的 财产受到污染,因此根据原告被拒绝给予等级证明’没有表现出常见伤害。 读 More »