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2017年11月8日,宾夕法尼亚州环境听证会(“Board”)在 拉克瓦纳之友诉DEP,EHB案卷编号2015-063-L(裁决于2017年11月8日发布),其中董事会维持了宾夕法尼亚州环境保护局的职责’s (“DEP”)签发Keystone卫生垃圾填埋有限公司的续订’s (“Keystone”) solid waste management permit for the 梯形失真 堆填区. At the same time, the 板 added a condition to the permit requiring 梯形失真 to prepare a groundwater assessment plan based on groundwater degradation observed in one of its monitoring wells. Interspersed throughout this decision was language that shed additional light on the 板’关于经常被称为《环境权利修正案》的《宾夕法尼亚州宪法》第27条第I款如何适用于DEP许可决定的观点。 读 More »

在本月初发布的一项决定中,新泽西州区的沃尔夫森法官裁定,新泽西州环境保护局(“NJDEP”) could recover primary restoration natural resource damages from a responsible party as long as 新泽西州 demonstrated by a preponderance of the evidence that its proposed primary restoration plan is “practicable.” 新泽西州’t的Envtl。 Prot。 v.Amerada Hess Corp.编号15-6468(FLW)(LHG)(D.N.J.十一月1,2017)。 在这种情况下,沃尔夫森法官驳回了包括埃克森美孚公司和埃克森美孚石油公司在内的被告的论点(“Defendants”),只有在显示以下内容时才能获得原始恢复自然资源损害赔偿:“对人类健康,动植物群的伤害或威胁。”  The court found that such a standard, which was derived by 被告 from unpublished, non-controlling authority from 新泽西州 state courts, was inconsistent with the plain language of the 溢油法 that speaks directly in terms of “practicability.” 读 More »