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显示31帖子来自 2018.

1月22日,随着费城老鹰队的球迷们继续庆祝球队’在NFC锦标赛击败明尼苏达维京人队的比赛中,美国最高法院正忙于在 全国制造商协会诉国防部 关于美国水域规则(“Rule”)由环境保护局(“EPA”)和陆军工程兵团(“Corps”) in 2015. The 规则 defines the statutory term “美国水域” in the Clean 水 法案, and has been subject to appeals in both federal district courts and courts of appeals. On 十月 11, 2017, the 最高法院 heard oral argument addressing whether appeals of the 规则 should be filed first in either the district court or the court of appeals, and held today that because the 规则 does not fall within one of the Clean 水 法案’s (“Act”) seven enumerated categories of 环保局 actions for which the courts of appeal have jurisdiction, appeals of the 规则 must first proceed in district court. 读 More »