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In 州 罗德岛诉壳牌石油产品有限公司诉L.L.C.等。,第19-1818号(2020年1月1日)决定 2020年10月29日, 的 First Circuit joined seven sister circuits in holding that 的 scope of appellate review of remand orders under U.S.C. 28§ 1447(d) is limited to 的 questions of federal-officer jurisdiction and civil rights jurisdiction. And while 的 holding does not break new ground in light of its consistency, it informs members of industry of 的 venue in which 的y will litigate climate change claims based in tort and state law providing environmental rights. 读 More »

The 联邦侵权索赔法 permits claims for monetary damages against 的 United 州s for injury or loss of property caused by 的 wrongful acts of federal employees. 看到 U.S.C. 28§1346(b)(1)。但是,这种对主权豁免的放弃受到酌处功能例外的限制,该例外保留了对索赔的豁免权“基于联邦机构或政府雇员的行使或履行,或者不行使或不行使酌处的职能或职责。” U.S.C. 28§2680(a)。最近,美国第九巡回上诉法院在环境污染的背景下分析了酌处功能例外情况,发现该例外情况不适用于在现场补救工作中最能描述为普通过失的情况。 Nanouk v. United 州s,第13-35116号(2020年9月4日)。 读 More »

Earlier this week 的 第十一巡回赛 issued a published decision in 皮纳雷斯诉联合技术公司,编号18-15104,滑动操作。 (2020年8月31日,11日),确认美国佛罗里达州南区地方法院’作出对普雷特有利的即席判决&惠特尼,解雇原告’声称有时间限制。法院在这样做时认为,《综合环境应对,赔偿和责任法》(“CERCLA”)不适用于根据《价格-安德森法案》(“PAA”)或根据州法律根据辐射暴露造成伤害的索赔。因此,约瑟琳和史蒂夫·圣地亚哥(Steve Santiago)提起诉讼,指控普拉特&惠特尼(Whitney)为已故的女儿辛西娅·圣地亚哥(Cynthia Santiago)承担责任’癌症被禁止了。 读 More »

In late 七月 2020, 的 United 州s District Court for 的 Southern District of 俄亥俄 granted in part and denied in part defendants’涉及将铀辐射和其他非放射性废物释放到原告的案件中的撤消动议’ property. 看到 运和顺序, McGlone诉Centrus 能源 Corp.等。, Case No. 2:19-cv-02196 (S.D. 俄亥俄, 七月 31, 2020). Claims involving 的 Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (“CERCLA”) and 的 普安德森法案 and were dismissed for failing to state a claim, while most state law tort claims for releases of non-radioactive waste were permitted to move forward, 的 court clarifying 根据俄亥俄州法律,医疗监视是作为损害赔偿的形式存在的,而不是作为单独的索赔而存在的。 读 More »

该帖子由MGKF夏季助理Lisa Maeyer撰写。 

On 六月 8, 2020, 的 英联邦法院 of 宾夕法尼亚州 affirmed a trial court’s holding that flooding from sewage overflows not resulting from intentional activity on 的 part of a sanitary authority did not constitute a de facto taking of a landowner’s affected property. In 的 Matter of: 谴责 by 的 Franklin Twp. Sewage Auth., No. 1237 C.D. 2019, 2020 WL 3039070 (Pa. Cmwlth. 六月 8, 2020). In particular, 的 Court held that because 的 sewage overflows resulted from 的 age of 的 system and infiltration and inflows not caused by any actions of 的 Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary 权威 (the “Authority”), 的 lower court properly sustained preliminary objections to Plaintiff William Ott’要求对事实上的财产侵占给予赔偿的请愿书。 读 More »

在未发表的意见中, 萨顿诉霍夫曼-拉罗什公司新泽西州高级法院上诉庭A.5455-18T3号(N.J. App。Div。2020年5月27日)。’s的证明,该证明书以存在被污染的地下水为前提,因财产价值损失而寻求损害赔偿。 在联邦法院,对类似房主类别的认证是虚幻的,因此,在此特别值得注意的是,上诉庭明确指出,’的班级认证规则是“textually similar”新泽西州的联邦统治’对自己规则的解释是“更加宽松和宽松的类认证。”运30岁6.尽管该案的地方性质很可能使《集体诉讼公平法》不适用,但该决定进一步证明了在可能的情况下行使被告管辖权的集体诉讼中对被告的重要性。 读 More »

In a highly anticipated decision, on 四月 20, 2020, 的 U.S. 最高法院 ruled that state courts may award restoration damages to landowners who seek, under state law, a more expensive cleanup than that selected by 环保局, but as potentially responsible parties under 塞拉 的y must first receive 环保局’s approval of 的ir alternative cleanup plan before 的y would be entitled to those damages. Atlantic Richfield Co.诉Christian等,第17-1498号案(美国,2020年4月20日). Beyond its fact-specific holding, 的 opinion’s broader implications may have a significant impact on 塞拉 cleanups and litigation going forward.   读 More »

On 四月 7, 2020, 的 Appellate Division of 的 新泽西州 Superior Court rendered its decision in 新泽西州环境保护局诉赫斯案, A-2893-18T2 (N.J. Super. App. Div. Apr. 7, 2020), one of 的 lawsuits in which 的 州 of 新泽西州 (the “State”)正在寻求弥补自然资源损失(“NRDs”). Earlier this year we flagged 的 Appellate Court’s opinion as one to watch in 2020, particularly with respect to how 的 Appellate Court would rule on 的 州’对不拥有的土地提出侵害主张的能力—这个问题使姐妹审判法院分裂。 看到 新泽西州环境保护局诉Deull Fuel,编号ATL-L-1839-18(N.J. Super。Ct。Law Div .. 2019年8月8日)(否决动议,以驳回普通法擅自侵入的主张,因为公共信托原则取代了侵入的排他性要素); 新泽西州环境保护局诉赫斯案, MID-L4579-18 (N.J. Super. Ct. Law Div. Dec. 21, 2018) (granting motion to dismiss common law trespass claim because 州 lacked exclusive possession over 的 land).  The Appellate Court’s unreported opinion provides clarity that despite 的 州’s authority under 的 public trust doctrine, it cannot assert a claim for trespass in 的 absence of exclusive possession. 读 More »

2015年,加利福尼亚州圣塔芭芭拉县的一条管道破裂并泄漏了石油,其中一些进入海洋,并最终在当地的海滩上被冲走。一类原告在联邦地方法院针对被告Plains All American Pipeline,L.P.和Plains Pipeline L.P.(“Plains”) for claims of statutory violations, negligence, public nuisance, continuing private nuisance, nuisance per se, and trespass. In response, 平原 filed a motion for summary judgment which sought to have 的 claims of 的 Property Subclass plaintiffs dismissed, primarily on 的 basis that 的 harm caused by 的 oil spill was a “财产价值暂时减少,”而且依法不可追究。

Last week, Judge Gutierrez of 的 District Court for 的 Central District of 加利福尼亚州 issued an order denying most of 的 defendants’ motion for summary judgment, 的reby allowing 的 litigation to continue. 看到 Keith Andrews et al v. 平原 All American Pipeline, L.P. et al.,CV 15-4113 PSG(JEMx)(2020年3月17日)。法院裁定,几名原告’ claims contained genuine issues of material fact that should be brought before a jury, and that it could not rule as a matter of law that plaintiffs had not suffered harm. The claims which merited 的 most analysis in 的 order were 的 common law property claims, i.e.: negligence, nuisance, and trespass. 读 More »

In a report and recommendation issued last week, a magistrate judge with 的 United 州s District Court for 的 District of Idaho found that disputes of fact preclude summary judgment on 的 majority of claims brought by a landfill against 的 United 州s 空气 Force and two other defendants. 爱达荷州废物系统公司诉美国空军, No. 1:18-cv-00229 (D.C. Idaho Jan. 27, 2020). The magistrate judge recommended dismissing state law claims brought against 的 空气 Force on sovereign immunity grounds, but found that most of 的 remaining claims, including claims under 塞拉, should go to trial. 读 More »