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Frazer / Exton Development,L.P.诉美国,美国联邦巡回上诉法院申明驳回了针对联邦政府与下期双色球预测污染有关的诉讼请求,因为所涉场地的上诉人,现任和前任土地所有人在下期双色球预测修复后超过6年提起了诉讼完成了。 Frazer / Exton Development,L.P.诉美国,编号:2019-2143(联邦主席,2020年4月7日)。 读 More »

新泽西州’的《布朗菲尔德和受污染场地修复法》(“Brownfield Act”) provides that a “person”拥有受污染财产的人可能有权获得危险排放场地补救基金无辜方补助金(“innocent party grant”) to pay for remediation of the property so long as that 人 meets two requirements: (i) the 人 acquired the property prior to 十二月 31, 1983 and continued to hold it until the 无辜的政党补助 is approved, and (ii) the 人 did not contribute to the contamination at the property. 新泽西州58:10B-6(a)(4)。

在 a decision issued last week, the 新泽西州 Superior Court, Appellate Division, held that 雪松山丘 2006, LLC (“Cedar Knolls”) was eligible for an 无辜的政党补助 for the remediation of its property even though 雪松山丘 was not technically the same “person”在法定截止日期之前获得财产的人。 (雪松山丘 2006, LLC v. NJDEP,Dkt。编号:A-1405-15T3(2017年9月20日,新泽西州超级法院))。  在 doing so, the Superior Court explained that, with respect to owners eligible for 无辜的政党补助s, the 布朗菲尔德法 was more concerned with the “所有权和连续性的实质要比法律形式的技术要深。” 读 More »